Associate Professor William C. Kenyon

Welcome friends, colleagues, and fellow photographers!


This website serves as a companion site to my book Theatre & Stage Photography, which has just been released in both print and digital format.  I'm thrilled to see it out for sale at the Focal Press booth here at the USITT Conference & Stage Expo as well.  I hope that this site proves to be a useful resource in addition to the print and/or digital copy of the book.  You will find several forums and a blog here, links to various resources, and most importantly, a depository of photographs that I hope will help inspire your own work.


I'm establishing two forums, one about gear and one about shooting (coming soon).  Almost everything we do is interconnected, but I hope that this helps to guide the discussion into the two broader categories of technology and art.  Please join in the conversation, and I will do my best to keep up with answers to your questions.


I've never stopped learning about photography, so I've included a journal for my ongoing thoughts and experiences as I continue to shoot.  Since writing this book, I've started delving into HDR photography more seriously, built a new pinhole camera with my daughter, and plan to buy a mirrorless camera soon.  I'll share my thoughts with you as I go along.


I have been particularly lucky to have been born into a family that has always had a great interest in photography, and made many friends and had a few lucky moments that all led me to where I am today.  As I said in the book, I don't feel that I have any particular level of talent, but instead I've been surrounded by family and friends to bounce ideas off of, and I've shot as much as I possibly could to build skills & familiarity with the equipment.  I hope that this website and my book will give you access to that network of like-minded folks, and will inspire you to get out there and shoot as much as you can.


Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing the results of your successes!