In addition to all the websites and other reference materials here, one of the best places you might be able to also go for tips, gear, and other guidance is a local camera store, if you live somewhere that such a place still exists.  In my youth, I spent many hours at Lincoln Camera in Wilmington, Delaware.  They have since been bought out by a chain, and subsequently closed down.  The guys behind the counter were always a wealth of knowledge, and willing to bargain on used camera bodies, lenses and other accessories.  Not only did I learn a great deal from them, I also picked up a lot of information by listening to the other professional photographers who came in to buy or sell gear and get film developed.  Likewise, the local camera store here in State College, PA closed its doors a few years back, unable to compete with the digital revolution.  I used to go there for high-quality prints of slides and digital files, but many of the office supply stores now offer print services at a fraction of the cost to make a photo print.

I’m sure that over the next few years, some of these web sites will come and go, so please consider this a jumping-off point rather than a definitive list.  I also haven’t done business with every one of these sites, so can’t vouch for every experience that you may have.  I can only say that, at this point in time, these are the ones that have risen to the top in my opinion.


This is an expanded version including all the links in the book, plus everything I've stumbled across since then.  If you know of photo resources that could be useful to our community, please share them with me and I'll add them here.

Photography Resources on the  Internet

Companion Book to this Website:


     • Kindle version of Theatre & Stage Photography on

     • Print version of Theatre & Stage Photography on - coming soon


Camera Equipment Reviews & Info:


     • Digital Photography Review -

     • Ken Rockwell -

          (Great gear reviews, lessons, and tips).


Camera Equipment Manufacturers:


     • Nikon -

     • Nikon D200 Manual -

          (In case you wanted to refer to the manual for my camera).

     • Canon -

     • Sony -

     • Pentax (Ricoh) -

     • Minolta (Konica Minolta) -

          (These are no longer made, but this links to support if you buy a used one.)

     • Leica -

     • Sigma -

     • Olympus -


Camera & Camera Equipment Sales:


     • B & H Photo -

     • 42nd Street Photo -

     • 47th Street Photo -

     • Amazon - - (camera gear and storage devices).

     • Adorma -

     • eBay -

          (Good deals to be had, but approach with CAUTION; once you buy, usually sight-unseen,

                you are stuck with what you get & no warranties).

     • Craig’s List -

          (Be careful, since there usually aren’t warranties here either, but at least you can go

               evaluate the equipment before purchasing).

     • New Egg –

          (Great site for storage media, cards, hard drives, etc).


Camera & Lens Rentals:


     • Borrow -

     • Lens -


Other Equipment:


     • Spectrometer -

     • Gossen Light Meters -

     • Screen Calibration -




     • Photoshop -

     • Mac Photos for OS X -

     • Lightroom -

     • f.lux Screen Color Control -

          (I use this program for most of the time on my machine, but disable it and invoke a calibrated color profile for my

               monitor when doing important color work. This is a great program for general laptop use in the theatre, and has

               some interesting writing about color temperature & light.  They are also currently involved in a sleep study

               concerning the effects of short-wavelength light exposure prior to bedtime).

     • Aurora HDR 2018 -

          (Cross-platform HDR editing program).




     • Martha Swope Bio -

          (One of the most prolific stage photographers).

     • Martha Swope Historical Collection -

     • Joan Marcus Photography -

     • Richard Finkelstein -


Legal & Copyright:


     • United Scenic Artists -

     • Actors’ Equity Association: Agreement and Rules Governing Employment in Small Professional Theatres -


          (Refer to Section 42 specifically)




     • Farrell, Ian. Complete Guide to Digital Photography. 2nd Ed. New York: Metro Books, 2014.  ISBN: 978-1848667037

          (One of the best references I’ve found for modern DSLR Photography).

     • National Geographic Complete Photography, 2011.  ISBN: 978-1426207761

     • Jaen, Rafael.  Show Case: Developing, Maintaining, and Presenting a Design-Tech Portfolio for Theatre and Allied Fields

          2nd Ed. Massachusetts: Focal Press, 2011. ISBN: 978-0240819266

          (The industry-standard reference book for building theatrical portfolios).

     • Browar, Ken and Ory, Deborah.  The Art of Movement. New York: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2016.

          ISBN: 978-0-316-31858-7

          (Incredible collection of studio photographs of dancers in motion).


Other Links:


     • My Lighting Design Portfolio website -

          (Many of the photos in the book are also here on this site, but with narration concerning the design ideas behind the work).

     • The Pop-Up Pinhole Company -

          (DIY Cardboard Pinhole Camera kits)

     • The Drone Authority -

          (Comprehensive website about flying drones and purchasing camera drones)