Initial Journal Thoughts

Yes, I’m calling this a journal, although it can also be called a blog…but the main point is that this is a place for me to collect my thoughts and experiences about photography and share them with you.  I’m very excited that my first book is about to be published, but as I was writing it, several technical things (size & types of memory cards, current camera models, etc.) were already becoming old and several new technologies were emerging (HDR, Mirrorless Cameras, etc.).  Since the book is a static thing, I hope this serves as a way to keep everyone current with the emerging technologies.  The underlying science of basic photography won’t change – and most of the book really relies on those laws of physics instead of discussing current camera model numbers and megapixel counts, so I’m confident that it will remain a valuable resource for most of what you may be doing with your camera.

All that said, I always consider myself still a student of these things, so as I learn more about this topic, I’ll endeavor to share my triumphs and failures with you.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this becomes a useful resource for you as you build on your photographic experience!


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